Tips to avoid spam and phishing emails

  1. Protect your primary email address, which is connected to e.g. online banking services, job applications or business communication, and use a second or third address for everything else.
  2. Install a spam filter in combination with phishing and virus protection – your freemail provider generally offers this for free.
  3. Never open email attachments from unknown senders.
  4. Avoid allowing unknown senders to receive a confirmation of email delivery or the opening of an email, e.g. through automatic Out-Of-Office notifications.
  5. Deactivate the delivery of HTML emails in your email program. This will e.g. prevent cookies from being downloaded.
  6. Do not write your email address in plain text in the Internet, e.g. in guest books, blog comments or online forums.
  7. If it is not entirely necessary to provide your email address, then do not do it.
  8. Do not answer spam emails, even if there is an unsubscribe link.
  9. Do not klick on links in emails, because this allows your email address to be checked, and your will receive even more spam in future.
  10. Sender addresses are easy to manipulate – check whether the receiver matches to the email address.
  11. Serious offers and products are not advertised through mass mailings full of typing mistakes.