How to Modify an IMAP Account on Android

Google’s Android operating system is well-integrated with Google applications and services, including Gmail. Android devices also have an Email app that let you access and sends an email with other email services.

Each account you set up in the Email app can be configured for either POP3 or IMAP, depending on your email server and your personal preference. Once you have configured an IMAP account on your Android phone or tablet, it is simple to modify the account.

  1. Tap the “Application Drawer” icon on your Android home screen to display the device’s installed apps. Scroll to “Email” and touch the icon.
  2. Press the “Menu” button and tap “Account Settings.” If you have multiple email accounts configured on your device, you can also press and hold the account name and tap “Account Settings” from the pop-up window.
  3. Tap “Account Name,” “Your Name,” “Signature” and “Email Check Frequency” to make changes to these settings. Tap “Default Account” to check the checkbox and make the account your default for outgoing email. Touch “Email Notifications” to receive audible and visual notifications when you receive new email.
  4. Scroll to “Server Settings” and tap “Incoming Settings” or “Outgoing Settings” to modify these account settings. You can change the username and password for your accounts, the server name, port and security type for the account’s IMAP server and SMTP server.

If you want to change your connection from IMAP to POP3, you must delete the email account and recreate it as a POP3 account.

You can only make changes to an existing account and cannot change the type of account.

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