Email Newsletter Subscribers Click More Ads

Email Newsletter Subscribers Click More Ads

Here’s a quick observation that I’ve made (by no means is this what I consider to be conclusive research – but it’s interesting anecdotal observation).

I run a number of newsletters on my blogs. On two of them I’ve noticed that on the day that my newsletters go out that my AdSense CTR (click through rate) goes up significantly.

While I’ve written previously about how regular readers tend to become blind to ads because they see them so regularly – I am finding that with newsletter subscribers (that come to the site each week) that the blindness doesn’t seem to come into play.

I also noticed this trend when another site’s newsletter linked to my site and sent a lot of readers across. When I saw it happen I expected CTR to decrease (as it usually does when another site links to me) but in actual fact CTR (and overall earnings) went up. Once again the link came from a newsletter and not the actual website.

I wonder what it is about the type of people who subscribe to email newsletters that makes them more likely to click advertising?