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Hosting in USA, South Africa or Europe

With today's technology, hosting in US / Europe can be affordable and easier. If your client base is US / Europe, hosting in Europe could be a better solution, due to the access to servers for clients. Our partner my247host offers business hosting solutions from shared hosting to dedicated server environments.


We offer the following services as part of our overall package to your company:

  • Domain management for CO.ZA, .COM, .NET, .ORG etc
  • Redundant DNS Management
  • Shared and dedicated hosting solutions in various locations
raramuridesign is an accredited COZA Domain Registrar, we also provide affordable international domain names which range from .COM to .TRAVEL, to .TV and more...

How to choose the right domain for your business

Finding the right domain for your business is an important part of getting your website up and running. The most important point to remember:  reserve a domain name before you start your business.

A domain name should have the following: 
be short, to the point, easy to remember (eg. name of the business), avoid hyphens (makes it harder to type), match your domain with your brand you are selling, domain name should be as close as possible to the business name as possible.

These are only guidelines, and there are plenty of sites that generate multiple suggestions for a name that you might like.

.Com, .org, .net etc

There is no fixed rule for choosing a domain name suffix. However choosing a domain ending that either fits the country or the business area that you are in, is a good idea.

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