What we offer, our services

Our main focus is to provide our clients with long term benefits in an online environment. This can be achieved by following our unique approach through website analysis and strategy planning. Be part of our successful team...

Core Services

We work with new technologies and services but the most important thing is we are able to make them work together for a clients project. Our goal is to solve the complex puzzle for the client using modern web technologies. Regardless of the challenge we can adapt to provide a professional solution for each client.

Essential website tools

Lead generation forms
Website updates & retainers
Website Backups & Security Audits
Domain Management & business hosting
Server Migrations

Custom Development

Custom Online forms
Mini database development tools
Data management
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Strategy and Consulting

Architecture strategy and design
Database design
Online business strategy
SEO Consulting
Online solution research
UX / UI development & research


Consulting & Strategy

With years of experience, we provide consulting to companies starting out and wanting to make the best of the online environment...
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Planyo Booking Engine

Amongst the variety of solutions we have created for clients is our development of bespoke booking services.
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Website Update Service

Is your site out of date? Do you need to add content on a regular basis but do not have the time, we can help. 
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S3 Website in a Day!

To assist companies at making this choice, we have developed a new way in which a website can be built rapidly, with standard pre-built features.
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Website Backups and Security Scans

We take the hassle and worry away out of backups, updates and security scans for your content management site.
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Search Engine Consulting

We assist in checking your site from the ground up...
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Send us an Email us or Call +27 21 913 7872 to find out more.
We will gladly send you details on costs, what is involved and what we can do for your company.

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Why Choose Us


We can do the following

Create websites, designs, mobile applications, site migrations, backups, Joomla! security audits ...and more. Here are a few things we can brag with:

  • fast emergency development
  • multilingual support
  • multi-team adaptability
  • smart solutions for big problems
  • professional
  • and fast support

Experience and skills

Our team has both the skill and experience to handle the most complex of projects.

How we work


We like to have a meeting, this allows us to introduce ourselves and explain how we can help your business, it also gives us and you a good chance to talk about your plans and ideas for your project.


After our first initial meeting, we take the opportunity to do some vital planning and research. We look at a variety of elements, this includes, content sitemap, a menu sitemap, a user workflow, database planning...


Once we have an agreement on the wireframes and initial sitemap, we will spend time on creating digital visuals of what the proposed website could look like. Once this is completed we send them over for feedback and possible changes.


During the development phase, we like to keep in regular contact with you, as communication is key to any successful project. We develop in many different programs and languages.


Once the development has been completed, it can be rolled out for testing, although we don’t provide outside testing unless budgeted it is a good idea to get you and your employees to test your new site. We will then fix any small issues.


Once testing has been completed, we migrate your site from our development environment to our live environment. We provide domain registration and hosting so you don’t need to worry about all the technical parts.

Are you ready to give it a try?

Send us an Email us or Call +27 21 913 7872 to find out more.
We will gladly send you details on costs, what is involved and what we can do for your company.

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