Website Backups and Security Scans

If you do not have backups of your data you should get this now!

Website Backups, Recovery

If you do not have backups of your data you should get this now!

Your website needs regular offsite backups of both the database and files/folders.

Golden Rule: Never rely on your website host to perform backups because, if your server crashes or is hacked, those backups might be damaged or compromised.

We offer the following options:

  • Daily database backups to 3rd Party Network
  • Daily database & File Backups to 3rd Party Network
  • Weekly database & File Backups to 3rd Party Network
  • Monthly database & File Backups to 3rd Party Network
  • or a tailor made solution to fit your needs

Website Security Scans & Audits

There is a much larger risk with OpenSource Software and the risk of getting hacked. There are a number of reasons why you should make sure your website is on the latest version releases:

  • If your site is hacked, you loose business. It exposes a risk in your business which could result in loosing clients.
  • Old CMS versions tend to be more vulnerable.
  • Google is able to find hacked sites every day

We are able to offer our clients security scans on Joomla and Wordpress sites which detect vulernable or malicious code. We are then able to identify the issues and take the neccessary steps to resolve these issues.

We provide a full report with the steps taken to solve the issues.

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