Gmail Apps on Android

This information is for the Gmail app for Android 2.2-2.3.

There are three ways to get Gmail on Android devices:

  • 'Gmail' app
  • Browser
  • 'Email' app (IMAP)

For the best experience with Gmail on Android, we recommend the Gmail app.

The Gmail app on Android comes with the following features:

  • No setup required. Your Gmail address is ready to go after you initially sign into your device.
  • Push email. You'll see new messages in your inbox as they arrive - without having to refresh or check mail.
  • Notifications. Get notified on the status bar whenever a new email arrives, so you never miss an important message.
  • Sync. Changes on your computer will appear on your device and vice versa. In addition, your contacts are also in sync.
  • Address autocomplete. Your contacts are preloaded so you can enter long email addresses using just a few keystrokes.
  • Gmail goodness. Spam filtering, search, labels, stars, shortcuts, and lots of storage space.
  • Multiple accounts (Firmware version 2.0 or later required). Switch between multiple accounts in the app.
  • Voice input (Firmware version 2.1 or later required). Speech recognition lets you compose messages by speaking.

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