SMTP Settings for your website

If you subscribe to our SMTP service for your website, follow this guide to add your SMTP details.

Joomla Website

  • Edit the configuration settings
  • Navigate to your Mail Settings (Joomla v2.5.x and v3.x.x)
  • Select the following:
    • Send Mail: YES
    • Select mailer: SMTP
    • Add a from email
    • Add a from Name
    • SMTP Authentication: YES
    • SMTP security: STARTTLS or NONE
    • PORT: 587
    • SMTP Username: Details provided by us
    • SMTP Password: Details provided by us
    • SMTP Host: Details provided by us

Wordpress website

  • Install Easy SMTP -
  • Activate the plugin
  • Edit the following settings with the details provided
    • From Email Address: The email address that was sending emails to users.
    • From Name: Specify your name which you want to show in the Email Headers.
    • SMTP Host: Details provided by us
    • SMTP Port: 587
    • SMTP Authentication: Yes
    • Username: Details provided by us
    • Password: Details provided by us
    • Encryption: No

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